Loved Rush For Years

Loved Rush For Years

Postby RushGirl » 05/16/17, 2:33 pm


Seems be kind of dead here.

I found this place recently and decided to sign up.

I've loved Rush ever since I saw him on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno probably 23-24 years ago. He was so charming and spoke common sense and truth, two things I didn't see a lot of from the left.

Glad to be here. :)
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Re: Loved Rush For Years

Postby RickG1 » 05/19/17, 7:16 am

It really quieted down when President Obama left office. It is a lot more fun sitting on the sidelines throwing stones than actually doing the work. Just ask Trump now. He is not having a lot of fun. Karma is a beautiful thing.
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