Karl Rove...

Karl Rove...

Postby supplyside » 10/29/13, 11:57 am

It's interesting. Karl Rove is angry at the Tea Party. But he helped create them.
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Re: Karl Rove...

Postby exmil » 10/29/13, 1:28 pm

i think its a food fight for the big money .
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Re: Karl Rove...

Postby RickG1 » 10/30/13, 8:56 am

The establishment, including Rove, liked the energy they brought. They overlooked the racial comments and pure hatred in order to win the 2010 midterms. Worked for a while then the tail began to wag the dog. Now they have created a monster and can not control it. It will eventually destroy the Republican party because the general population finally understands what is at stake.
And oh yea, it is about the money. Tea Party is not a grass roots operation. Heavily funded by people like Koch brothers who have their own agenda. The establishment Republicans are missing out on this money and don't like it.
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