Clinton Foundation Child Trafficking

Re: Clinton Foundation Child Trafficking

Postby stephen50right » 01/23/17, 2:37 am

supplyside wrote:You already know.

No, I don't because she was never arrested. The people who hate her just imagine she is a criminal. If anything the Bush presidency was corrupt with Scooter Libby being arrested and convicted (that's what happens when people commit crimes) but never happened to Clinton.

Your socialist hero Obama is now gone anyway

That's fine. He finished his term and Trump won. But Trump has broken many promises. For example, he will raise the debt by having the US taxpayers pay for the wall. He also broke the promise of not have a deportation force. He also broke the promise of not tagging every Muslim in the USA. Also, if Obama was so bad then why is Trump keeping so many of Obama's staff. Trump is the slowest president in history to change the staff to his liking (this is a fact). Please explain what makes Obama a socialist? You like Reagan, but don't forget he granted 3million greencard amnesty to illegals and it looks like Trump might to the same. Obama never did that. You say you are smarter than I am. OK, fine. But smart people go into specifics and just don't say socialist liberal.

Trump also broke his promise of not having Hillary arrested. Are you sure he will be a good president and bring the debt down to zero? He is actually a very poor businessperson with poor financial skills and he is going to wipe out the US debt? Really?

Well, we could go back and forth on this with a dissertation from each side, but for what? We shall see how Trump does, and I am quite optimistic and looking forward to it.
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